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Hoi Polloi

Basically, we’re the riff-raff.

You know the usual picture? Castles, vineyards, glossy write-ups in Wine Spectator Magazine? Yeah. That’s definitely not us.

Hoity, we're not.

Just three working stiffs from Chicago, Denmark and that other country, San Fernando Valley. Our formula is simple. World-class wine needs world-class grapes. We can’t afford our own vineyard, so this humble bunch buys from the best. To that end, Hoi Polloi has cultivated friendships with premium growers up and down the West Coast.

Size matters.

Our micro-scale production means every barrel we produce gets our full hands-on attention - something large scale wineries simply cannot do. Our wines are more than just pressed grapes. Into our bottles, we squeeze our collective effort, sparse savings and a deep, desperate desire for profitability.

Damn good tasting wine: check

Quality over quantity: check

Three undercapitalized working stiffs? Definitely check

Basically, we’re the riff-raff.
Doug Minnick, Winemaker

Big & Bold

Nothing Petite about this one

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Central Coast, California

Located in
Central Coast, California

Owned by:
Doug Minnick
Winemaking by:
Doug Minnick

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